Shahi Gulab jamun mix

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Gulab Jamuns are the most preferred of all Indian sweets across the country. They are served and liked on all occasions, be it a marriage or a birthday party Venoo’s Instant Gulab jamun mix is 100% natural ingredient delivering utmost quality with authentic taste & complete purity. Gulab Jamuns have a special place in our cuisine and in our palette. Now you can enjoy the finest taste of rich Gulab Jamuns at just a short notice. Save time, energy and get compliments for the taste. Just buy Venoo’s INSTANT GULAB JAMUN MIX and follow the instructions on the pack to prepare mouth-watering gulab jamuns.

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Preparation of Gulab Jamun

  1. Add 3/4 cup or  120 ml water to the mix and make it into soft dough by gently mixing.
  2. Add water in steps while mixing. Apply vanaspati or ghee to your palms and make small round shaped or elongated jamuns.
  3. Fry them over low heat in edible oil (or ghee) over a period of 5 minutes, till golden brown jamuns develop.
  4. Do not fry on high flame or at the smoking point of the fat. Soak the fried jamuns in hot sugar syrup of moderate strength until the jamuns have absorbed the syrup fully.